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Here's what Tim's advisers have to say about Jostens products and his services.

Quahim Muhammad, Central High School told us:

"The process of building yearbooks have changed incredibly from the days of cutting and cropping printed photos to the current time of digital editing and ìdragging.î Tim McGovern has been a great help for us at Central High School as we worked together to help redefine our school's keepsake. The students are satisfied customers year after year as we continue to push the envelope using new technologies to build our book. His commitment to our school is unyielding and his expertise with the software have created a working environment for us that gives me the latitude necessary to manage the activities of our schoolís book. Jostens remains my choice and that choice is partially due to the relationship that weíve built under the advisement of Tim McGovern.

Marie Jane Panzer, Goshen High School told us:

"Tim McGovern has been our representative from Jostens for as long as I have been the Yearbook advisor. I firmly believe we would be lost without him. He returns calls, emails, and texts promptly and has bailed out this damsel-in-distress more times than I can remember. We were very excited when Tim told us about the transition to Yearbook Avenue as it made planning, designing, and creating much easier and faster. Our kids love watching pages, and ultimately the book, come together before their eyes. There is no more guess work and unexpected surprises with Yearbook Avenue and we are alreay excited about working with Tim and starting next year's book."

Mary Ann Greczek, Dunellen High School

"Having worked with Jostens and Tim McGovern for almost 10 years now I can truthfully say that the experience has been a pleasure. Every question has been addressed, every "situation" dealt with in a timely and professional way whether it was dealing with Tim or Shelly at the plant in State College. Being a person who panics easily this is of the utmost importance to me. Tim is always available to avert any crisis. With the response is instantaneous as he can look on his computer wherever he is to make solve any page layout problems I am having. I have worked with other yearbook companies over my career, but the Jostens' experience has been the best. The yearbooks at Dunellen get high praises every year!"

Kim Helsel, West Morris Mendham High School told us:

"I love working with you and Jostens, and I love using! There has never been a time when you haven't accommodated my requests and needs. The website is very easy to navigate and it has been a real learning tool for students to quickly learn how to do innovative layouts. If they or I have a question, you make the drive to the high school and figure out what the problem is! While creating a yearbook is never going to be stress-free, it is a close to it as it will ever be because of you and Jostens!"

Monica Cohen, Livingston High School told us:

"Working with YearbookAvenue has made the enitre process of putting together a yearbook fun and EASY! The support we get from the plant is unequalled. The best part of the experience is working with Tim - he is ALWAYS there when we need him. It is good to know that when we have difficulty or a problem, he is there for us!"

Susan Pawlick, Leonia Middle School told us:

"The Leonia Middle School has an enduring relationship with the Jostens family. It is a relationship built over time and one that is based on quality customer service and attention to detail. Jostens technical supports facilitate job completion and offer "avenues" of exploration that allow for the effective implementation of innovative ideas. The level of competency of our Jostens representative, Tim McGovern, is matched by a measure of respect and efficiency that combine to make working with him a pleasure. LMS takes pride in our yearbook, and it is our ongoing association with Jostens that allows us to proudly display who we are."

Beth Schwartz, Colubmia High School told us:

"I used to spend hours on line checking in and messaging my staff, with Jostens it is literally minutes. I am so happy that I am working with Jostens. I am lucky to have such a great rep to work with. Tim McGovern is professional and there to help. The staff loves him too! We are in great hands with Jostens and Tim McGovern."

Jody Oliveri, Boonton High School told us:

"Working with Tim has been a blessing. He is by far the most efficient person I have ever worked with and is always there with an answer. We began a fully online yearbook for the 2009-2010 school year and had many reservations. Tim convinced me how much easier it would be. I was so stuck on Adobe Indesign that I did not want to switch. We did the switch to Yearbook Avenue and Tim came in taught me and my staff the ins and outs of the program. He also provided me with a full curriculum which was a big help if you teach a yearbook class. The staff was thrilled with the program, and I was thrilled of everything it kept track of...especially who was working on what and when...not to mention all of the sales tracking, and instant proofing. Any time we had a question, Tim was there to answer with just an email or phone call away. I highly recommend yearbook avenue with Jostens, and if you are lucky enough to have Tim McGovern as your Jostens Representative, you will be amazed at your yearbook outcome."

Amy Shea, Paramus Catholic High School told us:

"I have worked with Tim McGovern for the past eight years now. To say that he is highly qualified and dedicated to his job would truly be an understatement. Perhaps you might think it is a clichÈ, but Tim gives 110% to his customers (probably more!)! He is always there to help answer any question, no matter how big or small, or in my case, no matter how many hundreds of times I have asked the same question in the past! He is kind, patient, understanding, and will help anyone achieve the best yearbook they could make. Every year, our yearbook gets better and better. I can honestly say that this is due to working with Tim. If he stopped making yearbooks, so would I!

No other company that I have come across has a reputation or a hard work ethic like Jostens. From the reps to the people working at the plant, they are there day and night to help you achieve your goals. On a more personal level, they are a family themselves, and they become a part of your family. I am proud to say that over the years I have worked with them, I consider them true friends, who are dedicated to my school and my students.

For me, this is one of the greatest things Jostens could do for advisors! You can keep track of the littlest details with simplicity and ease. Ever stare at a photo and wonder if you have used it before? No more, yearbook avenue keeps track of it all! And as an added bonus you or your staff can work on the yearbook and monitor its progress from anywhere ñ at home, at work, or half way around the world!"

Theresa Neglia, Seton Hall Preparatory School told us:

"Working with Tim has been a terrific experience for me and for my students. He is always there when you need him, and he will do whatever it takes to help you achieve the very best book possible. Seton Hall Prep and Jostens have been partners for many years, and with representatives like Tim, we'll be partners for many years to come!"

Roxanne Scala, Schuyler-Colfax Middle School told us:

"Working with Tim the past 5 years has been a most pleasant, non-stressful experience! His prompt attention to any question or issue I may have as well as his commitment in helping me to make our school's yearbook is "off-the-charts"! I have found that is a great tool to have and has really helped me with the planning and execution of my yearbook. I have only compliments - no complaints! Keep up the great work!"

Michelle Mathews, Immaculate Heart Academy told us:

"It's an absolute pleasure to work with both Jstens and Tim McGovern. The yearbookavenue website is easy and convienant to use, and it really streamlines the creation process since multiple editors can be working on the book at the same time. Tim is exceptionally helpful, giving advice and answering questions quickly and thoroughly."

Tracy Kovacsofsky, Chatham Middle School told us:

"I have been working with Jostens for thirteen years and Tim for 8 years. I have received solicitations from many other yearbook companies and not one can come close to the product and services that Jostens delivers. is easy to use and enables you to create a top quality yearbook. Whenever I've had a problem, Jostens customer service, technical support, and Tim have always responded promptly with the answers I've needed."

Heidi Benson, S.S. Seward Institute told us:

"Jostens is the best publishing company I've ever worked with. Last year was my first time advising and I felt overwhelmed by the newness and responsibility of it all. They were like a fairy godmother, stepping in to help any time of day--or night. Together, the YTO program, my rep, Tim McGovern and everyone at Josten's made solving all those 1st-year problems not only possible, but impossibly FUN. The Jostens' summer workshops are a great motivator for advisors and their staff. I've only been to two, but I met lots of people who've been coming for 15 years! Tim McGovern is my Josten's rep and even though I'm an advisor at a really small school, he makes us feel like we're #1. The advice he has given us have always led to a better looking book or better sales. Most importantly, I can reach him any time and he takes the panic out of every situation."

Pat LaMorte, Chatham High School told us:

"This is my 15th year as a yearbook advisor, and I have nothing but good things to say about Tim. Not only is Tim an advisor, he is part of your team. From training on Yearbook avenue to jumping in and helping with deadline submissions, he has always preceeded my questions, potential problems and has a vested interest in every single book. Yearbook Avenue is far from the paper layouts.. now even includes more photo editing tools and great security and online support. I would recommend Tim for any size school. You will not regret your decision."